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The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office confiscated a firearm from a student at Clemmons Middle School just before dismissal on Thursday, a day that also included several false reports around the state of school shootings, including one at Parkland High School.

Not everything is always black and white. One or the other. “It’s this, so it can’t be that.” It’s important to remember, after what was probably the most memorable college football season in North Carolina in recent memory, that multiple things can be true at once. Some examples of what we’re talking about: It’s possible to have a down year, on the field, and still have arguably the best ...

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The Baywatch actress and Jonas Brothers singer celebrated four years of marriage on Thursday by posting tributes to each other on Instagram. Captioning two photos from their 2018 wedding, Nick wrote, "And just like that it's been 4 years... happy anniversary my love". The photos depicted the…