Tons of nurses were nominated.
Many finalists were chosen.
Five were chosen by a panel of
independent judges.
Introducing the 5 honorees
of the Nurses The Heart
of Health Care Contest

Lorrie Warren, Hospice of Iredell County Lorrie Warren is an awesome Hospice Nurse with the most caring heart and dedication to taking care of her
patients and their care. Lorrie is so dedicated to her job and taking care of patients.You won’t find a more
caring or dedicated nurse. Lorrie always goes above and beyond what her job is.

Kristen Carswell, Healthy At Home Blue Ridge Kristen is an amazing nurse. Currently, she works as a nurse manager in home health care. Kristen always puts her patients’
care first. Before she even finished nursing school, she was traveling behind a motorist that went down an embankment.
She didn’t hesitate to stop her car and render care until an ambulance arrived. Another time, Kristen was in a line of cars
on the highway and a motorcyclist was hit by a car. Once again, she stopped and administered care until an ambulance
arrived. I was with her and her family in a restaurant a woman started choking and Kristen helped her. And lastly, Kristen was
in the grocery store and an older gentleman fell to the floor. He was having a heart attack. Kristen performed CPR until the
ambulance arrived. And later called the hospital to check on him. She definitely deserves the outstanding nurses award.
Miranda Tilger, UNC Health Blue Ridge Mira has served in the Marines, worked in ICU’s, and now works in our Special Care Nursery. Mira helps parents
through their toughest moments with compassion and never any judgment. She is a leader on her team
and always willing to help with other patients on the OB floor. She is plans to start her DNP program soon to
continue her path to care for everyone in her community. She is an exceptional nurse and I feel she is 200%
worthy of this nomination!
Michael Hill, UNC Health Blue Ridge Morganton Michael has a true care givers heart. His love, patience and compassion for his patients and teammates is just the cherry on top of his extensive knowledge
and skill set as a nurse. He is intelligent and confident in his role without arrogance or condescension. He is always eager to teach new nurses and various
other teammates, as well as helping to educate his patients. Michael is everything a nurse should strive to be. I’m honored to work with him. He has a way
of making our patients feel comfortable and safe through his wit and humor. His knowledge and skill levels are unmatched and I’m honored to be his
colleague. He shares his wealth of knowledge with our students and anyone who wants to learn.We are blessed to have such an asset for our community!
One of the absolute best RN’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of working alongside. He is very intelligent and thorough in every aspect of his field, from ER to the
ICU and everything in between.An amazing, genuine person who’ll go out of his way for you and having you leaving as a friend or family member.

Angelica King, Iredell Memorial Hospital Angie has worked hard to get to where she is now in her career. She put herself through nursing school
while raising her two daughters and working at the hospital. While working as an RN, she will take a stand for
what she believes is right in the care of her patients.