MY CLASSIC CAR: Craig Bell's 1967 Mercury Cougar

MY CLASSIC CAR: Craig Bell's 1967 Mercury Cougar

Name: Craig Bell

Age: 71

Location: Statesville

Car year/make/model: 1967 Mercury Cougar GT

R&L: When and how did you acquire the car?

Craig Bell: I bought the car online. It was in Spirit Lake, Iowa and I drove my pickup truck with a U-Haul trailer and picked it up. It was a 2,740-mile round trip.

R&L: Tell us about your car (specs, restoration work, unique items).

Craig Bell: It has a 390 CI engine, 320 horsepower and a C-6 automatic transmission. This is an original car except for the top and paint, which was already done when I got the car.

R&L: Do you have a fun/interesting story about the car?

Craig Bell: When my wife and I got married in 1967, my dad had a car just like this. He let us take it on our honeymoon 52 years ago. It means a lot to my wife and me. I had been looking for a car like this for 15 years.

R&L: What excites you most about owning this car?

Craig Bell: I like driving it and watching people’s reaction to it. People have a lot of comments about it, especially the color.

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