Quarry provides refreshing respite from season’s heat

Quarry provides refreshing respite from season’s heat

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Jump right in, the water is, well, to be honest, just a tad chilly.

Those are some of the cautionary remarks made by members of the welcoming party greeting all visitors to one of the area’s most popular public swimming places that began regular operating hours earlier this week.

The natural-born freshwater The Quarry on the grounds of Mooresville’s Carrigan Farms is now up and running as of this week, doing so to coincide with some of the hottest recorded temperatures so far this spring season.

The facility features a water temperature that the ones manning the main entrance point out to all guests that may currently register just under the 80-degree barrier at best on the thermometer scale. From appearances during the course of first-week visitation, that fact has not deterred the amount of interest on the part of the swimmers.

Once again serving as drawing cards among the attendees is the presence of a 15-foot diving platform as well as a free-swinging rope ride allowing users to also enter the water from a similar height at its peak.

In order to better keep track of the number of persons in place at any given time, the facility this year is implementing the requirement of asking all guests to secure a reservation in advance. The process for completing a request that also comes with a financial per-person perk can be obtained via the site’s online website.

All attending are required before being admitted to the site to agree to a sign a personal waiver form accepting the fact that all swimming in the facility is conducted solely at the risk of the individual.

Personal floating vests are provided to all guests. Lifeguards are on duty to provide additional assistance.

Several noticeable upgrades also in place at the five-generation-old location include a new kitchen replacing the former food truck that offers a variety of menu items. Also, a new wider boardwalk has been expanded and a concrete ramp at the facility’s shallow end replaces the former tiny rocks.

Naturally, a number of health-related issues regarding all coronavirus concerns are also being addressed.

Attendance is being closely monitored to provide room for the practicing of social distancing. The maximum allowable size of any single family unit and/or group is set at 10 people. Reservations for all members of a party are being requested.

The facility is also asking that anyone experiencing any symptoms refrain from attending. Those with underlying health conditions are also discouraged from visiting. The site has two registered nurses readily available in case of first-aid needs.

Constant sanitizing of facilities remains available regarding high-touch surfaces. Also, all life vests will be thoroughly cleansed following every use.

The Quarry is now open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. It is closed on Fridays and Saturdays for open swim.

The location is also a favorite for the hosting of special occasions such as family reunions, wedding-related gatherings and additional big-party affairs. However, those events are currently on hold due to restrictions remaining in place regarding the size of the respective groups.

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