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Since reopening, Center serving as a hotbed for entertainment

Since reopening, Center serving as a hotbed for entertainment

Only $3 for 13 weeks

That’s entertainment!

And Mooresville’s The Pit Family Center is full of it.

These days, the facility that provides a bucket-load of activities ranging from the physical to the mental in regards to the range of participants is as busy as ever.

Initially shuttered for more than a month when deemed, among a number of others, that its business of entertaining was not among the essentials, The Pit — easily accessible into a parking lot directly off Plaza Drive — has since re-opened to welcome arms from both site administrators and the previously patient public helping fill its various activity stations.

In fact, when first returning to regular operation, some concern was voiced over the abundance of attendance. Public health officials were actually called onto the premises before being provided all the required paperwork and additional documentation that the operation was actually going above and beyond all restrictions related to the coronavirus concerns that caused the closing in the first place.

Though perhaps not as much as in the past with obvious reasons still related COVID-19, the site’s parking lot stays noticeable for its use as the location gets back to a somewhat regular operating routine.

With practically all of the area’s organized athletics remaining at a standstill, any outlet for activity is being viewed as a positive.

As part of the modern procedure, staff members manning the lone entrance to the indoor center are following required and recommended health-related practices. An official per-person head count is in place that is assured of limiting the number of guests at any given time. Also, upon entering, all visitors are made subject to an individual temperature test.

All staffers are donning personal protection equipment in the form of face masks and gloves. All attending are welcome to also wear the same type of preventive items as well. The Pit also makes some of those preferred items are available for sale as well.

Perhaps the largest single drawing card of the site that is closing in on its 15th-anniversary is the indoor go-kart track. If stretched from head to toe in a straight line, the concrete paved track situated in the former home of Mooresville’s milling industries would measure in the neighborhood of 2,000 feet. It accounts for one of the longest of its kind in the area.

However, the course is twisted and turned into a host of turns in several directions that makes it into a snaking layout covering half of the building’s ground floor. Speeds of the go-karts that could reach some 55 miles-per-hour in straightaways average around 30 mph in order to handle on the right and left turns.

There are actually two different types of the gas-powered karts available. The adult size driven by those with valid driver’s licenses are equipped with 9 horsepower engines. The youth size are piloted by youngsters steering those with 5.5 hp motors. The size and speed capability of the vehicles reflects their respective categories.

Races are conducted separately in each of the divisions.

At only two times all year are the go-karts of the various sizes allowed on the track at the same time. The first took place back in May on Mother’s Day. The second unfolds this weekend on Father’s Day. It allows parents and their offspring to conduct friendly in-family races against each other while balancing the field.

For all drivers, strict procedures are in place regarding safety both on the track and off. All pilots are required to wear safety helmets. All of the headgear is full sanitized following each use, as are the steering wheels of the karts. Gloves are optional for all those sitting at the controls of the one-person vehicles.

A new addition to line-up will soon be in the offering. The Pit officials have revealed the ordering of several remote-controlled karts for use by those with handicaps. In particular, the site is welcoming the presence of any and all former military personnel that would be able to take advantage of the new availability.

While the go-kart track attracts much of the attention, it by no means stands alone at the same site.

Situated on the same ground floor and filling the other half of the square foot space are several other activity centers. The location offers a black light-lit full 18-hole miniature golf course with only select parts of the spread illuminated for affect. Also in place is a bumper-car track as well as a scaled-back short track for the very youngest of go-kart drivers. An escape room is also available.

Additionally, a netted cage is the site of a Cannon Ball game in which as many as four users at a time can man locations and shoot their rubber ball bullets towards their rivals. The main goal is to try and fill an opponent’s net with foreign objects.

Also in place is a fenced-in area where the brave at heart can give axe throwing a try. Four separate throwing lanes are designated for the attempts. Throwers take aim at wooden targets from a certain distance to make their attempts at making the hand-held axes stick.

On the facility’s second floor, a full arcade room is in place. Games offered test both skills and luck, with any and all awards made in the form of tickets that can then be exchanged for merchandise. Some pay-as-you-play pool tables are also present.

Additionally, a popular laser tag room is also situated on the floor.

The game room floor also houses a snack bar offering beverages and a limited amount of food items. There is also an area from which to view the action on the primary go-kart track below.

The Pit also features numerous portioned rooms that can be used for various parties as well as corporate gatherings.{/div}

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