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No, Trump hasn't made 20,000 false claims, and more from RealClearPolitics today
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No, Trump hasn't made 20,000 false claims, and more from RealClearPolitics today


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RealClear roundup: 6 takes on national politics today

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It should be inconceivable that in a time of American energy abundance, within the nation’s richest and most populous state, citizens are being subjected to rolling electricity blackouts. Yet here we are.  California’s grid is again struggling to provide the energy that is so vital to keeping us all connected, especially now.

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Not letting a crisis go to waste, climate change advocates have seized on COVID-19 to press their agenda to decarbonize the American economy. The World Health Organization would have us believe that the pathogen’s emergence is linked to fossil fuels, though Chinese authorities have banned investigators from visiting the source of the virus in Wuhan. The Green New Deal overlaps “so perfectly” with the coronavirus, says Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And Larry Fink, CEO of the world’s largest asset manager and likely Treasury Secretary in a Biden administration, views environmental sustainability and COVID-19 as “one and the same,” representing “huge physical changes in our lives.”

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Four years ago, Donald Trump won the White House in part by promising to rebalance our massive trade deficit with China and reshore lost manufacturing jobs. We’re now less than two months out from the presidential election. While President Trump has imposed tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese imports and settled with the Chinese government on a half-finished trade deal that looks a lot like a purchase agreement, we’ve lost factory jobs on his watch.

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Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris was a first step in paying back the Black voters who did so much to revive his political fortunes in South Carolina.  But if Biden is elected, he will have an incredible opportunity to elevate an unprecedented number of new Black governors -- due to the high number of Black lieutenant governors poised to move up if a vacancy occurs – and perhaps a few United States senators as well.  (He could also “create” California’s first woman governor and several Hispanic and Native American governors.)   

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When government forces businesses to close (even if it is for a pandemic), it’s a “taking” in the legal sense.  And we can think about $3 trillion in federal bailout spending as “just compensation” to businesses and employees for that taking.  Basically, we have decided to borrow from future generations in an attempt to stop a virus and save the economy.

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There are now 21 on-the-record denials rebutting The Atlantic’s bombshell alleging President Trump called American soldiers “losers” and “suckers.” Ignoring the most problematic aspect of Atlantic Editor Jeffrey Goldberg’s report – his sources were all anonymous -- many journalists saw this story as the perfect opportunity to wager the institutional media’s credibility against that of the president, who to be charitable, has a strained relationship with the truth.

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