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HealthSmart Pharmacy | We Do Compounding | Mooresville NC

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About HealthSmart Pharmacy | We Do Compounding | Mooresville NC

Who do you trust with your medications? HealthSmart Pharmacy has been the community's trusted drug store for more than 20 years, serving Mooresville, NC and Cornelius, NC residents. Owner and pharmacist Doug Balog, RPh, is dedicated to superior customer service and expert pharmacy skills.

It is owner and pharmacist Doug Balog's intention that HealthSmart Pharmacy has a local, hometown feel. Since Doug is at the pharmacy 90% of the time, most customers are able to see and talk to him right when they walk in the door. Add this to the fact that we have a private consultation room, and you'll realize HealthSmart Pharmacy provides for comfortable, personal conversations with your pharmacist. Not many pharmacists are this available, but Doug prefers this quality of healthcare and feels it's just downright good customer service.

  • HealthSmart has the ability to make compound drugs from scratch using bulk chemicals. Often, a patient may need a compound drug because he or she needs a different strength or form other than what is commercially available.
  • Minimal Wait Time. We offer minimal or no wait times when picking up your prescription medications.
  • HealthSmart Pharmacy Delivers in Mooresville. Medication delivery is a practice almost unheard of in the 21st century. 
  • Private Consultation Room for Visits with Your Pharmacist. Privacy is protected and all questions are answered.
  • Most Insurance Plans are Accepted at HealthSmart Pharmacy. 
  • HealthSmart Pharmacy Offers Many Unique Medical Products. We carry an assortment of unique medical products not found in your local chain pharmacies.
  • Generic and Name Brand Prescriptions. We’re here to assure you that generic medications are just as good.
  • All of Our Medications are FDA-Regulated. 
  • Pet Prescriptions. HealthSmart Pharmacy can compound prescription veterinary drugs for your pets.

  • Accepts:
  • American Express
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

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Drugstore Delivery

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Medication delivery is a practice that is almost unheard of in the 21st century. Consistent with HealthSmart Pharmacy’s friendly small-town feel, we offer next-day medication delivery to local residents.

Pharmacist and owner Doug explains this decision simply by saying, “Many patients are unable to drive to get their medications. For local patients within reasonable proximity, we will deliver to them.”

HealthSmart Pharmacy steps in to make sure that people who need their medication delivered are able to receive this service. Quick and easy drive-thru service is also available for customers who do not have time to stop into the store.


HealthSmart Pharmacy is all about providing you with the convenience of a chain pharmacy while maintaining our personalized and exemplary service. Make one visit to our drugstore, and you’ll quickly see the difference!

If you have any questions about our delivery service, such as if you are eligible or in the delivery area, please give us a call at 704-997-9702.

Drug Compounding

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There are many reasons why a physician will prescribe a compounded medication and direct you to a specialty pharmacy to fill it. If you are unable to swallow pills, HealthSmart Pharmacy can create a liquid or lozenge of the medication. If you need a specific dosage that isn’t commercially available, we can create it for you. Likewise, if you are allergic to any dyes or fillers found in pills, we are able to recreate a medication without those offensive additives.

As a compounding pharmacy in Mooresville, NC, HealthSmart can fulfill all of your specialty medication needs, ensuring safe and precise dosage as well as complete personalization.

Most pharmacies do not have the technology and devices readily available to make these types of compound drugs. HealthSmart is unique because we do have the knowledge and equipment to make these prescription drugs, which meet many local customers ‘needs.

There are many benefits to compounding your prescription drugs.

  • Liquids can be made from capsules or tablets to make them easier to swallow
  • Suppositories and troches (lozenges) can be made
  • Topical gels and creams can be made for those who cannot take items by mouth or prefer this method
  • Combining several medications into one capsule or cream-ease of delivering medication
  • Special dosages can be made
  • Flavorings – Grape and orange top the list; lemon, strawberry, root beer, and more are available
  • Medications can be made that are allergy-free, without fillers, dyes, or preservatives
  • Discontinued products can be created

 Pet Medications

In addition to making compound medications for people, HealthSmart Pharmacy can compound veterinary drugs. Medication for animals often requires different strength levels, doses, and flavors.